About Us

The Hatch Fund was founded to chart the journey towards better understanding the financial market, and its links to the real economy, with the ultimate goal of developing a rule-based playbook to systemize investments. Our mission is simple: to bring you onboard this learning journey and to leave you in a position to make better financial/investment decisions thereafter.

This journey implores radical open-mindedness from all of us to challenge what we think is true, to fill the gaps in our knowledge, and to draw new conclusions based on studies, or first-hand experience. We provide quality financial analyses and opinions by making hypothesis-driven investments, backtesting, and reviewing empirical studies published by esteemed investors and fund managers. 

Rules will be added to the “The Playbook” based on our reflections on how our hypotheses panned out, and also based on our observations of the interactions between the financial market and the real economy.  

Our story

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Our Portfolio


T H E   H A T C H   F U N D
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